Private Residence




HGTV - House Hunters - Season 12 // Episode 1 We were asked to completely transform the interior of our clients home with an eclectic approach. We used a blend of details, partly inspired by his childhood home in Wisconsin and paired with stark white and and steel-cladded finishes to craft the perfect balance. The kitchen is decked out in wood with colorful textures blanketed by white countertops and a playful twist of barn-doors to the pantry. The end of the first floor is capped with a fireplace and entertainment system. This showcases a large television set inside wooden cabinetry that flanks the ends. Convenient drawers are tucked into an anchoring bench. Last, the black steel industrial staircase was designed to highlight the only moment we experience all three stories of the space. Acting like the spine of the home, the steel panels shift through all floors and connect to the ceiling.


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